• No Ropes
  • No Zips

  • No Straps
  • No Buckles

Ziptrak® is a fantastic option for retractable blinds. The track guided blind system turns your pergola, verandah, patio or deck into an all year round sealed living area. All of the elements are eliminated, allowing you to heat or cool your area.

As the blinds are retractable scenic views are not blocked and whilst retracted you are conveniently protecting and storing your blinds.

Keeping it Local

Ziptrak® blinds were designed by a South Australian company. They recognised the need for stylish look with ease of operation. Our Ziptrak® blinds are custom made to suit your area. As Ziptrak® needs tracking, we can also facilitate the placement of a fixed or removable post giving you the design you want.

Design your blind

Ziptrak® blinds give you the option of selecting from either a pelmet for superior protection, exposed cast brackets which leaves the retracted blind visible, or a cast bracket with back flushing in order to hide the blind from the external side. These can be powdercoated in any colour to suit your area.

Unlike our competitors, Martin Blinds gives you options. We can re-design your area to install Ziptrak® and can facilitate the placement of a fixed or removable post. This enables to you stick with the ease of the Ziptrak® without worry.


Ziptrak® blinds are easy to use. The spring-balanced system provides lightweight had operation. They can be raised and lowered and left in any desirable position. The system can also be motorised making it perfect for people with limited mobility or hard to access locations.

The Centre-Lock-Release is unique to Ziptrak®. It locks the blinds in their lowest protection securing them against the elements. To raise your blinds, simply lift the handle (which releases the latch on both sides of the bottom bar) and raise the blind.

To ensure longevity and a smooth glide for years to come, always operate the blind from the centre. When using the pull stick do not hook the Centre-Lock-Release rather, hook on to the bottom bar.

Additionally, you must avoid rolling up your blind when it is wet. This is to ensure mould is not formed on your blind.

Ziptrak® systems are strong and robust. However, we recommend that in strong weather conditions you retract your blinds. This will ensure that they are not damaged. Never leave your blinds half way down in windy or severe conditions. This is their most vulnerable position. If you have any issues with the operation of your Martin Blinds, Ziptrak® blind please give us a call so that we can rectify the situation.

Colours and Fabrics

The Ziptrak® operating system can be fitted with a range of different fabrics. Currently, the most popular fabrics are Clear PVC and Mesh which, allow visibility and protection. Go to our Fabrics page for more information. Most fabrics are high frequency welded for that extra strength. When our sales consultant attends your property free of charge for a measure and quote, you will have time to look through fabric and colour samples. Match the colours to your area then and there whilst receiving advice on the suitability of your choices.


Different fabrics require difference maintenance. Go to our Fabrics page for more information on how you can best care for the fabric you chose. Generally, Ziptrak® blinds should not require additional lubrication. If you are located in dusty and seafront locations we recommend adding lubricant to assist with the smooth operation of the blind. Only use silicone spray, such as food grade Helmar H4000.

To apply follow the instructions:

  1. Lower blind all the way
  2. Evenly apply spray in the groove between the spline and track (see image)
  3. Repeat on left and right side
  4. Only apply on front of blind
  5. Once completed open and close the blind several times


We know that manufacturing is only part of the job. Quality blinds should be installed correctly with attention to detail. We have a strong long term incentive to protect our reputation for quality and service. We understand the importance of our blinds reliability and purpose. At Martin Blinds we do not use contract installers. All of our installers are trained and have the highest attention to detail. They are supervised by those with over 20 years of industry experience. We will guarantee that your blinds will be installed correctly and your outdoor area will be left in a clean state.

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