Practicality and style go hand in hand with our fabric range.

We have a large range of different fabrics for you to choose from. All of our fabric options are available in a vast selection of colours and patterns so it will be sure to match your setting.

Clear or Tinted PVC gives you protection from the rain and wind whilst giving 100% visibility. It allows the natural light to enter your area whilst providing excellent insulation properties together with UV protection. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a must with this fabric.

Mesh fabric helps to eliminate the wind, rain and sun.  It is available in several different grades from a 90% to 98% block out.  With this fabric you can still experience a view, but have the privacy too as prying eyes can’t see in. Cleaning and maintenance is easy with this fabric.

Outdoor Blind Fabrics
Outdoor Blind Fabrics

Canvas offers a high level protection against UV light and water degradation. Canvas is abrasion, mould and mildew resistant. Canvas surpasses the Building Council of Australia’s standards for early fire hazards. We also offer Hunter Douglas fabrics which apply DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector to the canvas. This makes the canvas strong and durable enough to endure Australia’s most demanding conditions.  It is a completely invisible, water based fabric treatment which is a stain repellent and causes agents such as rainwater to form beads and simply roll off the surface of the fabric. This protector also makes it easy to clean and maintain the fabric.

Vinyl is a high tenacity polyester with a smooth and shiny finish that ensures excellent resistance to ageing and pollution. It is available in either a translucent which allows an influx of high levels of natural light with UV resistance or the heavy duty opaque block out which eliminates the light through the fabric. Both types have fire retardancy properties.

Acrylics are a fully breathable fabric as well as being highly water and mould resistant.  This fabric is suitable for most weather conditions and is particularly suited to environments with moderate to high humidity and rain. It is great as a modern semi-block out, external sun protection fabric.

All fabrics except for the cotton base cloths are high frequency welded. Welding fuses the fabric together under pressure making the join, stronger and longer lasting. By welding you are not puncturing the fabric. This prevents the fabric from tearing as well as fabric degradation due to mould and water build up. Cotton based fabrics will need to be stitched and therefore a high strength bonded poly UV stable thread is used.

Our sales consultants are well informed about our fabric range and which materials are the most suited to and offer the greatest protection to your area.

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