This style of outdoor blind is a favourite for both their practical applications and attractive appearance.

Café Blinds are a fabulous addition to any outdoor entertaining area. They are a great and affordable way to create another area for all year round entertaining. This area can then be heated and cooled to your preference creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Café Blinds

Café Blinds can be made with Clear PVC or Mesh and you can choose from many different operating systems.

Clear or Tinted PVC have a very attractive appearance and suit any area. For maintenance tips please go to our Fabric page. Mesh Café Blinds look sleek and stylish and are ready to go at a moment’s notice. They are great in all kinds of weather – especially when unexpected rain arrives! They offer protection from the elements without impacting your enjoyment of the outdoors and views. With our extensive fabric range, you can match the blinds to the décor of your outdoor area.

Your choice of operation

Ziptrak or Zipscreen

Track Guided Blind System. The blind glides smoothly and easily up or down and stops at whatever position you require. No Ropes, No Zips, No Straps and No Buckles.

Roller Blind (Spring Loaded)

A quick and easy system whereby a pre-tension loaded spring is located in the tube at the top of the blind assisting you to roll up your blind.

Cord & Pulley

The looped cord can be pulled to roll these blinds up and down from the bottom of the blind.

Roller Blind (Gearbox)

A winding mechanism in the top roller tube allows you to move the blind up and down.

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